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The internet has created a free and private space for women to enjoy adult material. It's also broken down the barriers to production and distribution of porn, allowing new ideas and new voices to be heard. There's now a wide variety of alternative and sex-positive adult sites that cater to those looking for something a little different. On this page you'll find a list of quality feminist porn sites in a variety of genres.

Bright Desire

Shameless self promotion: This is my own site featuring all of my erotic videos and short films. It's the embodiment of a sex positive philosophy, aiming to offer a different kind of porn, one that is joyful and inclusive, with more intimacy, laughter, passion and connection. The videos feature real-life couples and solo men and women. There's a heterosexual focus but this is not exclusive and there are a variety of queer and "non-mainstream" scenes on the site. Performers include Jiz Lee, Bishop Black, Parker Marx, Pandora Blake, Adrianna Nicole and more. Bright Desire also features my erotic fiction, reviews and writing, short documentaries and an archive of good porn. Any money it makes will be spent producing more feminist porn films.
Honoured Website, 2015 Feminist Porn Awards
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Lust Cinema

European director Erika Lust has created her own membership site featuring all of her films plus hand-picked erotic from a variety of feminist porn directors including Tristan Taormino, Jennifer Lyon Bell, Maria Beatty, Jessica Nilson, Mia Engberg and more. New films are added regularly.
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Crash Pad Series

Following the success of her authentic lesbian films, director Shine Louise Houston ventured online to continue the story of The Crash Pad - a secret apartment when queer folk meet for anonymous, wild sex. The key is passed from person to person, the experiences are documented. This site features performers from all walks of life, all genders, races, sexualities and kinks. There's also behind the scenes footage and interviews.
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Pink Label TV

Shine Louise Houston also runs a video on demand site called Pink Label TV. It features all of her queer films as well as a variety of other directors including Tobi-Hill Meyer, Jennifer Lyon Bell, Madison Young, Courtney Trouble, Annie Sprinkle and Carlos Batts. The selection is growing all the time. This is a way to get your queer porn on a scene-by-scene basis.
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Erotic Films

Erotic FilmsThis video on demand site is part of Erika Lust's website collection. Here you'll find a wide variety of quality erotic films by feminist-identified directors. You can stream all of Erika's XConfession videos here, along with lots of other filmmakers. There's special sections for women directors and European filmmakers too.
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Erotic FilmsLustery is a collection of self-filmed and self-submitted videos of real-life couples having sex. It also features videos bySpanish/German director Paulita Pappel, who is also a performer and film festival director. The site aims to capture the passion and pleasure of good sex, something that porn doesn't always show. Lustery also features forums and blog posts about sexuality, relationships and other good stuff.
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Pure Cunnilingus

Still more shameless self promotion - Pure Cunnilingus is another one of my sites, originally launched in early 2003 and revamped numerous times over the years. It's now a HD Video paysite and focuses solely on cunnilingus - with men going down on women. More pussy licking in porn is girl-girl so this type of content is rare. If you're a fan of muff diving and seeing real female pleasure, you'll like this site!
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Cinema Joy

Petra Joy has been making porn from a female perspective since 2003. Cinema Joy features all of her award-winning erotic videos including She Comes, Come Together, Her Porn, The Female Voyeur and Female Fantasies. There's also a selection of films by other female directors such as Maria Beatty, Candida Royalle and Tristan Taormino. Films can be watched by scene or in full, streamed.
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Cine Sinclaire

Run by Canadian filmmaker Kate Sinclaire, this independent site features a variety of performers and orientations, gay, straight, lesbian and queer. "At Cine Sinclaire, we document some of the truest experiences of pleasure available. Our films are created in intimate locations with performers that truly enjoy one another's company. Much thought has gone into the comfort and boundaries of our performers and crew, and the result is some of the most intimate moments of life being caught beautifully on film."
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Indie Porn Revolution (previously No Fauxxx)

In 2002 Courtney Trouble started a small independent porn site that didn't belong to any set porn "genre". No Fauxxx is credited with coining the term "queer porn" and has grown to become a much-loved boundary-breaking adult site. It features all kinds of sex scenes - straight, gay, lesbian, trans, solo - and makes use of a diverse range of performers with different body types, races, sexualities and genders. Courtney also runs Queer Porn TV which has a similar philosphy.
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Good Dyke Porn

In 2007 Canadian Bren Ryder set out to capture authentic lesbian porn and has since built an impressive amateur queer site. "We are real dykes, who identify as lesbian, queer, bisexual, transgender, butch, femme, in-between, shy, exhibitionist, dominatrix, submissive, and other. Using a documentary style, multiple cameras, and minimal editing we capture the true intimacy that's occuring between the women†. That intimacy is shared between real-life couples, solo models and camera operators, and brave, beautiful, sexual women who've come together for the purpose of pure sex, unencumbered with conversation or context."
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Pandora Blake Dreams of Spanking

NOTE: Dreams of Spanking is facing draconian censorship by the UK government.
Read her blog for updates.
The studio of UK spanking performer Pandora Blake, her partner and playmates. Dreams of Spanking offers high-quality, aesthetically beautiful spanking films, photo galleries and audio stories which please the senses and excite the imagination. This site bills itself as "fair trade porn" - consensually and ethically produced, performer-driven, gender egalitarian with a focus on real pleasure and scenes. There's a definite "olde English" style to this site and a focus on quality.

Verso Cinema

Verso Cinema is what you get when you mix porn with a European, cinema auteur feeling. It's "a collective of internationally multi awarded filmmakers making porn under another identity; we seek to break that barrier in order to create, with absolute freedom, a new concept of pornography, where eroticism and sensuality emerge through the film language and narrative."
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Jointly run by performers Kayden Kross and Stoya, TrenchcoatXcurates a variety of other people's porn including well-known feminist directors. Kayden and Stoya also produce their own films and have recently won a bunch of awards..
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Permission 4 Pleasure

Morgana Muses used to be a dutiful wife and mother but at 50 she left it all behind to make porn. Her goal is to create female-friendly, kinky erotic films that feature older women and celebrate their bodies and desires. In 2015 she was named Feminist Heart Throb of the Year.

Julie Simone

Julie is a legend of BDSM porn having worked as a dominatrix and model since the 1990s. Her site features all kinds of fetish and hardcore BDSM porn including spanking, latex, forced orgasms, girl-girl strap-on sex, foot worship and caning. Julie is joined by many well-known adult stars in her adventures, which lately have included submission as well as domination. Her film Vicious Strap On Bitches won a Feminist Porn Award in 2012.
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Kink Unlimited: The Training Of O

San Francisco BDSM porn company Kink.com have become known for their ethical approach to making edgy porn, giving respect to their performers and doing their best to present a positive depiction of kinky sex. The Training Of O is a story-based series centred on the training of female slaves in sexual submission. The content is relatively extreme but always consensual and safely performed. You may also be interested in Kink's other series including The Upper Floor, Everything Butt, Fucking Machines, Divine Bitches and Men on Edge
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Beautiful Agony

An unusual site that's been unusually successful since 2003. Beautiful Agony captures the real orgasms of everyday people. The catch is that you only see their faces when they come. The videos on this site are shot either by the performers or by someone close to them and features all genders. You get to enjoy the facial expressions of people in the throes of pleasure as they masturbate. There's also a confessions section where contributors discuss what they find sexy. Real, personalised porn.
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Abby Winters

Online for over a decade, Abby Winters is a celebration of natural, everyday women. Originally based in Australia, Abby Winters became known for their ethical production of content as well as their "non-porny" approach to porn. The site is mainstream and aimed at male viewers but it does make a real effort to personalise and respect the performers. It also controls how each model is presented, ensuring that the performers have some level of control over their work.
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I Shot Myself

Started in 2003, this site focuses mainly on nude female photography, with the difference being that the subjects take their own photos. "Project_ISM is a public forum for self expression through nude portraiture. By removing the photographer and studio from the process, contributors are able to create their own experience and explore the medium in their own time and space." ISM insists that those who appear on the site aren't "models" because that is an unrealistic ideal. The site also features videos and interviews and it pays contributors in an ongoing manner. It has a sister site, I Feel Myself, which is more focused on masturbation.
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Gentleman Handling

Australian filmmakers and performers Gala Vanting and Aven Frey are behind Gentleman Handling, a new indie site that they describe as "a lovely place to watch moving images of male masturbation. Gentleman Handling attempts to strip the image of male sexual pleasure from its less-than-savoury pornographic contexts and situate it in a style of imagemaking that is honest, attentive, and reverent." The site features video and photos of solo men as well as male-male pairings.
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Aeryn Walker: Naughty Nerdy

Aeryn is a proud feminist and a huge nerd. She makes porn starring herself and her friends with a firm belief in the positive power of feminist porn. If you're the geeky type who loves science fiction, gaming, STEM and hot fucking, including queer sex, BDSM and simple romantic sex, it's at Naughty Nerdy.

Poison Apple Productions

Anna Brownfield is an award-winning feminist porn director from Australia. At Poison Apple Productions you can find all of her films including The Bedroom, The Band and The Money Shot.

Hot Movies For Her

An offshoot of major video-on-demand company HotMovies, this site seeks to cater to a female audience, be they straight, lesbian, queer or trans. Lots of cheap sexy movies for rent, including winners of the Feminist Porn Awards.
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Couples Cinema

A growing collection of adult and erotic films from around the globe, including work of award-winning and feminist directors. Includes a special socializing section and it's also pretty cheap.
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Sites That Cater To Straight Women


Launched in 2002, Sssh.com is a long-running adult site for straight women that features videos, photos, stories and other magazine-style content. The site produces its own content and creates films based on user's fantasies.

Frolic Me

Glamour straight sex, beautifully produced with an eye to female pleasure.

Patreon Producers
(These indie porn producers create films with the help of Patreon funds)

Four Chambers

(Note: Patreon has banned Four Chambers July 2018) British performer and filmmaker Vex creates lush, artistic films with a surreal atmosphere and a focus on wetness, intense passion and visual pleasure.

Spark Erotic

(Note: Patreon has banned Four Chambers July 2018) Well produced films with fun storylines and a focus on female pleasure and playfulness.

The Lust Garden

"We aim to make beautifully shot, ethically made, and sexy art." Offers a variety of films, many of them queer.


Sites Recommended by the Feminist Porn Awards

Naughty Natural - unshaven performers, naturalistic settings. Mostly solo and girl/girl but with some boy/girl


Bright Desire

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