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This is a small but growing site that seeks to be a directory of feminist porn. If you're looking to find sex positive, ethical or female-friendly porn, this is a good place to start. I've tried to document the major filmmakers, films and sites within the feminist porn movement, although this is nowhere near comprehensive.

The site features advertising of feminist sites and movies. Please support these sponsors. When you spend money on porn, you help people to make more good stuff.

I'm Ms Naughty (previously known as Louise Lush). I run numerous adult websites for straight women and I make feminist porn movies.

You can contact me at: msnaughty AT msnaughty DOT com.

If you email, please mention which site you are coming from.


NOTE: Do not send casting emails to that above address. I will not reply.
Casting info is here: IndigoLush.com/casting/


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